A Dozen Ways to Switch Up Your Steak

If you’re reading this, it might just be because you mastered the classic steak on the grill. We’ll take you at your word on that one. And we’ll also throw a dozen ideas your way to switch up from the original. We’ve put a little bit of everything in this one. Enjoy!

May 4, 2022
A Dozen Ways to Switch Up Your Steak

Steakhouse Salad - For those who like a little greenery with their red meat. (Try with our Ribeye.)

Steak Tacos - Hit Tuesday night with nothing but the best! (Try with our Top Sirloin.)

Chuck Roast Nachos - Because appetizers shouldn’t be an afterthought. (Try with our USDA Choice Chuck Roast or Sakura American Wagyu Classic Chuck Roast.)

Asian Beef Stir-Fry - Some of the most wholesome food to ever emerge from a Wok. (Try with our Top Sirloin.)

Philly Cheesesteak - One of America’s great grab-and-go heavy-hitters. (Try with our Ribeye.)

Philly Cheesesteak OmeletteThe most important meal of the day with one of the most legendary steak cuts. (Try with our Ribeye.)

Steak and Egg Hash - Think… the best of breakfast dinners, plus a little grill mastery. (Try with our Top Sirloin.)

Steakhouse Quiche - Hearty casserole taken to the next level. (Try with our Top Sirloin.)

Sushi-Style Beef Roll - A beefy twist on the seafood staple. (Try with our USDA Choice Chuck Roast, Sakura American Wagyu Classic Chuck Roast, or Ribeye.)

Steak and Potato Pancake Sliders - Hit your brunch guests with a savory curveball. (Try with our Ribeye)

Ribeye Steak Pasta Puttanesca - Leave America’s favorite Italian Restaurant in the dust. (Try with our Ribeye.)

Bloody Mary with Steak - Wash it all down with this one! Just save a strip of what you’re grilling for the garnish. (Mixer’s choice of steak.)

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