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Running low on protein? We've got you covered with premium meats and seafood delivered to your door.

Dinner for two

Elevate your dinner table this season with a decadent selection from land and sea .

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“Your crab legs are out of this world, I can’t believe I used to get them anywhere else. Making this a new tradition in my house.”

- Chuck R., MD

“The taste. The service. The quality. My whole experience of Market House is verging on unbelievable. I can’t say enough about you (and that’s because I’m too busy eating).”

- Stella M., WI

“Everything I ordered from Market House was amazing – fresh and the highest quality. I’m already looking forward to placing my next order. Is now too soon to re-order?”

- Billy A., UT

“Ordering from Market House was simple, quick and streamlined, I was impressed. Then I received the most incredible steaks and now I’m speechless. Dinner is redefined.”

- Michael P., NC

“Why was I eating ordinary grocery store meat before? I’m never going back. You’re everything I never knew I always needed, Market House. I feel like a new and better person.”

- Melissa E., TN

“Such an easy way to get great cuts of meat. Everything was exceptional. Thank you, Market House!”

- Betsy H., CA

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Everything is flash frozen for quality and ships with dry ice to stay that way.

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Packaging that's non-toxic and as eco-friendly as we could find.

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